Everyone needs to recharge. And how you do that is up to you. Self-care efforts differ from each individual, and who are we to judge?

From baths, extra zzz’s, red red wine, and yoga, the options are endless. But, even the expert in TLC practices may need some new ideas here and there.



What is the most common question on a Friday afternoon? “What are your weekend plans?”. This question puts a lot of pressure on us to have a perfect weekend agenda. If your answer is ‘absolutely nothing’, switch it up and treat yourself to a new restaurant you haven't tried. Take your Saturday plans, and explore your town. You may be surprised by what you find.


Try a New Workout Class

There a lot of exercise sessions that let newcomers try it out for free. If you have commitment issues, you really have no excuse with this one. Step out of your comfort zone and try kick-boxing or hot yoga. Nervous? Grab a friend to tag along! Who knows, you may find a new passion you never knew you had.


Date Yourself for a Week

A day full of non-stop work, followed by a night of busy social hours can be exhausting. Block off your weeknights for some you time. Turning down an invite for happy hour drinks with your co-workers can be tough, but stick to your guns and enjoy a nice glass of merlot with your favorite episode of Scandal. Trust us, your body and mind will thank you.

We See Your Beauty.

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