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Nick Stenson Beauty

Nick Stenson

International beauty expert, celebrity stylist and beauty trend innovator.

Brand Founder: @curiousbrushes ✨
Artistic Director: L'Oréal-@matrix
SVP: Services & Trend, @ultabeauty

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A collection of innovative brushes to create your most perfect blowout.


The Nick Stenson brand empowers everyone to be confident in their own hair.

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This brush easily smoothed out frizz that I thought could only be tamed by a flat iron. It's easy to give yourself a salon blowout and create a bouncy wave.

My hair just glides through and the volume is incredible, not to mention–no frizz! My hair looks beautiful!

I started using it to dry smooth, long hair and most of the time I don't even need a flat iron!

Beto, Chicago

What a difference a professional brush makes!

Judy, Arizona

I LOVE this brush! Nick hit it out of the ballpark with this gem. Makes my hair behave and feel like silk after I brush it!

Amy, Philadelphia