Nick Stenson Beauty


Every brand starts with a story. First, let’s talk characters. Most importantly: the hero. Who is the hero of our story? Your hair. Your hair is what gives you the most confidence and power and is uniquely yours.

Enter: Nick Stenson, international beauty expert and celebrity hair stylist. 

From his position as Artistic Director at Matrix to leading trend innovation and the salon business at Ulta Beauty, Nick knows the hair business from customer to professional. He is committed to helping your hair reach its full potential with only the most innovative and ethically sourced ingredients.

Nick Stenson Beauty


The Nick Stenson brand empowers everyone to be confident in their own hair. We know the importance of loving, valuing and appreciating your hair, and we’re here to help you show off your best locks. You can trust Nick Stenson to invest in your hairs needs to achieve ultimate confidence in yourself. Your hair is the hero of this story, so we always treat it with kindness.


Nick Stenson Beauty


KINDNESS: Everything we do is inspired by kindness. Be kind to your hair, the environment and yourself.

PASSION: We’ve got a passion for hair care. Hair is what we know, luxury products are what we do. We’re committed to instilling confidence in each and every one of our customers. 

TRANSPARENCY: Behind everything we do, we’re honest and transparent about our processes.

HUMILITY: We’re rooted in Nick’s humble beginnings as a stylist and we always keep it down to earth. After all, we understand hair from tip to root so we’re always realistic about what your hair needs.

INCLUSIVITY: Every person deserves to express themselves and feel confident in their hair regardless of race or gender.


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Nick Stenson Beauty


To instill confidence in every person to appreciate their hair and treat it to kindness and luxury. Please join us in this journey!

Nick Stenson believes in inner beauty first and foremost. Read more about our beauty campaign.





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