Volume where you want it. Tension where you need it.

After twenty years blow-drying behind the chair and on shoots, the one thing I realized was the power of having a good brush, and the need and necessity of the brush to create a beautiful blowout.

And I think in general our industry miss the blowout step. The do greats colors, they do great cuts and then they rush through the blowout. And the finish is the most important part because that’s where you really celebrate all your beautiful work. And that's the moment you turn your guest around in the mirror and she gets excited about her new look.

I wanted to create a brush collection that was quality brushes, easy to use, great for a professional to use on a client, or on the set of a photo shoot. But also attainable for a guest to use on themselves.

One of the reasons why I created fiber ring technology on the outside of the cushion brush is because when I look at the styles of today a lot of women complain about not having a lot of volume in their hair. But, they don't necessarily want all the volume that goes through the rest of their hair, they just want to see some lift to get the hair off of their face, off of their scalp, so that it moves.

And sometimes round brushes will give you too much volume, so this cushion brush gives your volume right at the base but then smooths and shines the rest of the hair. So that your hair gets that mobility that you want and texture and movement that you are looking for without all the roundness.

But then you have the client and guest in the chair who loves that volume and wants that bounce and struggles to get that salon finish, so the two different brush sizes that we created was really to have the ability to see the highs and lows within the bristles so that as you are blow drying the hair you can actually see the curl and formation of the hair  shape come to life as you are blow drying. And the technology of boar bristle and the natural bristle combined gives you smoothness and the tension that you need with also giving you the extra polish.

Whether you are a professional using the brush on a client or a woman who is standing in the mirror at her vanity trying to blow dry her hair, a lot of brushes don't have the right tension to the bristles and they are not actually getting the benefit out of the types of brushes they are using.

The configuration of the bristles was really critical in creating this collection. On the cushion brush you see the natural boar bristles down the center channel of the brush are actually lower and that is really so you can imprint your thumb or your fingers into it as you are controlling the hair, so when you are blow drying the hair your thumb knows exactly where to go on top of the hair and will push down the hair into the fibers so that you get the tension you need and the straightness or slip and shine that you want in the finished result.

With the highs and lows that you are seeing in the round brushes, you are getting that curl formation as perfectly formed as you turn the brush in your hand. And, the tension of the boar bristles is giving you a grip as you glide through the entire blow dry, which is giving you the really beautiful bouncy finish.

The manufacturing process of this was vital. I want the collection to feel luxurious. So everything is a soft finish, and as you are working with the brush it is easy to hold, it has rubber grip handle, which makes it easy to hold in your hand even if you have products in your hands.

Each and every part of the brush was made with love.

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