Create Your Best Blowout Ever

You can achieve the perfect blowout in no time with these go-to products and tips.

Step One

First, shampoo & condition with your favorite care products. Wrap wet hair with the Aquis Professional Hair Towel. Wait until it’s damp, then style.

Step Two

Apply a small amount of Matrix Style Link Smooth Setter evenly into your hair. “This controls frizz and gives your hair a satin finish – it creates ‘slip’ in your hair that you’ll notice while using your new CURIOUS brush.”

Step Three

Layer Matrix Style Link Volume Builder into your hair at the root area. “This is my go-to for volume and a medium hold without the crunch.”

Step Four

Spray Matrix Style Link Texture Builder evenly through dry hair. Use your CURIOUS brush and blow dryer to shape the texture builder into your hair. “This combination of product and technique will make your hair look thicker and fuller!”

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