Volume Collection Bundle

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The complete volumizing collection for shine, nourishment, fullness, protection and smoothness.


Hydrating Oil seals in moisture. Smoothes the outer layer of the hair. Formulated for fuller looking hair.

Root Lifter Spray is for fine hair. With key protein ingredients that provide lift to the hair instantaneously. Applied directly to the roots, this volumizing product builds body with a soft finish.

Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are for fine to normal, bleached and foiled hair. Adds volume to thin hair, while replenishing bleached and high lifted hair instantaneously. This lightweight formula adds luster, heat protection, and detangling power. Enjoy voluminous locks daily with this cleansing pair.

Volume Créme for fine to normal hair. Maintains chemically-treated hair by destroying excess peroxide and ammonia residue. This volumizing solution adds fullness and shine. This is your GO-TO for volume, lift and shine. This super-volumizer can also be softened with a touch of Hydrating Oil.

Leave-in Conditioner is for brilliant, shiny, super-moisturized hair. This detangling leave-in provides strength and manageability instantly. Perfect for high-lifted and bleached hair to close the cuticle and act as a barrier on the hair to maintain color.

Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel uses a breakthrough process for drying hair that works 50% faster than other methods and keeps hair healthier by reducing the amount of time it’s wet.

Purchase Hydrating Oil, Root Lifter Spray, Volume Shampoo, Volume Conditioner and Volume Créme to receive a FREE Leave-in Conditioner and Aquis Towel!

What's Inside

Hydrating Oil: Made with a blend of baobab, kale, neem and Indian gooseberry to smooth, volumize and mend.

Root Lifter Spray, Volume Créme: Made with a blend of green tea, ginseng, ginger, and açai berry to volumize and protect.

Volume Shampoo, Volume Conditioner: Made with a blend of aloe vera and panthenol to volumize and hydrate.

Leave-in Conditioner: Made with a blend of creatine, aloe vera and avocado to nourish and hydrate. Plus Baobab Oil to aid in protection from heat and environmental damage.

How to Use

Hydrating Oil: On damp hair, distribute a small amount evenly from mid-lengths to ends.
On dry hair, apply a small amount to add shine and protect against humidity.

Root Lifter Spray: On damp hair, spray evenly into roots then blow dry.

Volume Shampoo: On wet hair, massage thoroughly into the scalp, and rinse through mid-length and ends.

Volume Conditioner: On freshly washed hair, distribute lightly from scalp to ends, focusing on ends. Then rinse.

Volume Créme: On damp hair, distribute evenly from roots to ends before drying.

Leave-in Conditioner: On damp hair, distribute evenly from roots to ends then comb through.

Cocktailing Tips

Cocktail for volume, fullness and heat protection.

Start with damp hair.
Spray Root Lifter evenly into roots.
Distribute Volume Créme evenly from roots to ends.
Blow dry.

Cocktail for volume, fullness, and protection on fine hair.

Starting with wet hair, massage Volume Shampoo thoroughly into scalp, and rinse through mid-lengths and ends.
Distribute Moisture Conditioner lightly at the scalp to mid-lengths, and heavily on ends. Rinse.
Towel dry, then Spray Root Lifter evenly into roots.
Distribute Volume Créme evenly from roots to ends then blow dry.

What to Expect

Hydrating Oil: Unobtrusive and earthy: Clean, green and gorgeous to the core. Fresh melon and citrus are complemented by a clean, floral aura, and anchored with a subtle blend of rose, violet, and a dash of bitter-green, forest-like galbanum oil.

Root Lifter Spray, Volume Shampoo, Volume Conditioner: Refreshing yet smooth: Boost and balance the senses with this clean, lighter essence of the Nick Stenson Beauty profile. Citrus-meets-fresh balsamic pine, and top notes of lime, blood orange and lemon are finished with elemi (that’s the pine balance), tea tree and other essential oils.

Volume Créme: Strikingly unique—just like you and your hair. A strong, fresh, herbal boost of lavender and orange citrus is finished with a plant-saturated blend of terpenes essential oil.

Leave-in Conditioner: Zesty and woodsy: A sensory walk along fern-lined forest paths, bright citrus notes pair well with earthy undertones of nutmeg and black pepper, finished with suede-like accents and blue cedarwood. A hint of peppermint exhilarates.

What It's Made Of

Aquis Towel: Made with Aquitex®, a proprietary moisture-wicking fabric.



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