Moisture + Dry Shampoo Bundle

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Three of Nick's faves for moisture and nourishment plus reviving second-day hair.


Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner reconstructs damaged, lightened hair while protecting and maintaining the color. If you want to step out of the shower with fabulous-looking results, you need this moisturizing duo. Healing and soothing properties. Packed with antioxidants. Ideal for normal, thirsty, color-treated and foiled hair.

Dry Shampoo cleanses the hair while repairing, protecting and enhancing. Removes dirt, leaving the hair looking and feeling clean.

Purchase Moisture Shampoo and Moisture Conditioner to receive a FREE Dry Shampoo!

What's Inside

Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner: Made with a blend of aloe vera, creatine, panthenol and kukui oil to repair, soothe and nourish.

Dry Shampoo: Made with organic aloe vera gel and sunflower, to repair, protect and enhance. Plus concentrated rice and tapioca starch for absorption of odor, oil and impurities.

How to Use

Moisture Shampoo: On wet hair, massage thoroughly into the scalp, and rinse through mid-length and ends.
Moisture Conditioner: On freshly washed hair, distribute lightly from scalp to ends, focusing on ends. Then rinse.

Dry Shampoo: Shake well. Spray from 8–10 inches away, focusing on the scalp and roots, then rub to blend in.

What to Expect

Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner: Warm with a hint of spice: Go deep into the amber-infused side of our Nick Stenson Beauty world. Woody vanilla tones balance tangy, citrus-floral top notes, all finished with an earthy-but-light blend of sandalwood and musk.

Dry Shampoo: Refreshing yet smooth: Boost and balance the senses with this clean, lighter essence of the Nick Stenson Beauty profile. Citrus-meets-fresh balsamic pine, and top notes of lime, blood orange and lemon are finished with elemi (that’s the pine balance), tea tree and other essential oils.



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