Affiliate Program

Every brand starts with a story. First, let’s talk characters. Most importantly: the hero. Who is the hero of our story? Your hair. Your hair is what gives you the most confidence and power and is uniquely yours.

We’re looking for a team of dedicated ambassadors to help spread our #iseeyourbeauty movement through today’s digital footprint. By becoming a curious affiliate, you have the ability to spread image-positivity and self-love to your following all while earning a commission. Join us as we spread the passion of our product and the community created by it.

When you become a curious affiliate, you’ll receive 20% commission for every purchase your followers make using your link. After registering below, your credentials will make their way to our curious team for verification before reaching out with your custom link. We’ll walk you through every step of the way, see you soon.


Nick Stenson Beauty


KINDNESS: Everything we do is inspired by kindness. Be kind to your hair, the environment and yourself.

PASSION: We’ve got a passion for hair care. Hair is what we know, luxury products are what we do. We’re committed to instilling confidence in each and every one of our customers. 

TRANSPARENCY: Behind everything we do, we’re honest and transparent about our processes.

HUMILITY: We’re rooted in Nick’s humble beginnings as a stylist and we always keep it down to earth. After all, we understand hair from tip to root so we’re always realistic about what your hair needs.

INCLUSIVITY: Every person deserves to express themselves and feel confident in their hair regardless of race or gender.


Nick Stenson Beauty


Our Consultant, Ashley is here to help you on a one-on-one basis to answer any questions you may have. You can reach her though our Instagram DM’s.


Nick Stenson Beauty


You will have the opportunity to feature Nick Stenson’s highly coveted brushes with your following. You will earn a commission from all the sales though your link.



Nick Stenson Beauty